I am always looking for new curries, they are one of my favourite meals!  Always packed full of flavour, I’m yet to meet one I don’t like.  This tender, fragrant Thai style beef curry was no exception.  Potatoes are the usual with a Massaman curry but I thought I would pimp it up with Low GI, delicious sweet potato.  I don’t particularly think you need to double up on carbs and serving a curry without rice just won’t cut it! The end result was a perfect balance of  flavours and the ever present Thai combo of hot, salty, sweet and sour.

This recipe could be adapted to the slow cooker.  As always brown the meat first, make up the sauce and then add the sweet potato a few hours from serving, so that it doesn’t turn to mush.  6 Hours on low ought to do it…..longer won’t matter.


Prep time:  30  Minutes                 Cooking time:  3.5 Hours                    $$  Low to Medium Budget


Serves 4  (with leftovers)


Peanut oil for frying

800gm of gravy beef, cut into 2.5cm chunks

1 medium sweet potato, peeled and cut into 2cm chunks

1 large brown onion, halved and sliced top to bottom

3 cloves of garlic, finely minced

1 tbs of freshly grated ginger

1 red chilli, finely minced

3 tbs of massaman curry paste

400ml can of coconut cream

1 cup of beef stock

3 whole star anise

2 cinnamon sticks

3 Kaffir lime leaves

Juice of 1 lime

1 1/2 tbs of palm sugar (or 1 level tbs of brown sugar)

2 tbs of fish sauce

1 cup of coriander leaves, roughly chopped

1/2 cup of granulated peanuts, roasted

Coriander sprigs, chilli slices and steamed rice to serve


Heat a large heavy based pan and add a little oil.  Brown the beef in batches and set aside.  In the same pan lightly fry the onion until soft and then add the garlic, ginger and chilli.  Stir for a minute or so until fragrant and then add the curry paste and fry for another minute.  Pour in the beef stock and coconut cream and stir to combine.  Pop the beef back in the pan along with the star anise, cinnamon sticks and lime leaves.  Bring the pan to the boil, lower to a simmer and place a lid on.  Simmer, covered for 2 hours, stirring occasionally.


After 2 hours add the sweet potato to the pan, stir and place the lid on for a further 30 minutes.  Remove the lid and add the lime juice, fish sauce and palm sugar.  Stir to dissolve the sugar and allow the curry to simmer for a further 30 minutes, uncovered to reduce a little.  Stir the coriander through just before serving.


To serve, divide steamed rice among four serving bowls, spoon over the curry and sprinkle over the roasted peanuts.  Top the bowls with coriander sprigs and chilli slices.