Inspired by Jamie but tweaked by me (as I wouldn’t be able to have a clear conscience and call it my own) this sicilian style pesto is a sensation.  You really will have this dish on the table in the time it takes to cook the pasta and prawns or not, it is a real contender on the “flavour scale”! Can life get any easier or better?  I think not!

Serves 4

500gm packet of linguine
400gm of green prawns, tails on
1 bunch of basil
1/2 a bunch of parsley
1 cup of walnuts
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 a cup of grated parmesan (fresh is best)
1 long red chilli
6 anchovy fillets
1 punnet of red cherry tomatoes, sliced
1 punnet of yellow cherry tomatoes (if available, kumatoes or red will do), sliced
2/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt and pepper
Parsley leaves for garnish
Extra virgin olive oil

Bring a large pot of water to the boil, add salt and cook the pasta according to packet instructions.

In a food processor, combine basil, parsley, garlic, chilli, walnuts, parmesan and anchovies.  Pulse a few times to get going and add the half of the red and yellow tomatoes.  Pop the lid on and process, drizzling the olive oil in until you have a nice even pesto paste.

Heat some olive oil in a large pan and when nice and hot add the prawns, stir frying for approximately 2 minutes until just cooked. Add a couple of large tablespoons of the pesto and give it a quick stir before draining your pasta (reserve some of the liquid) and tossing in with the prawns and pesto.  Add another couple of tablespoons of the pesto and the rest of the tomatoes.  Toss really well to combine, adding some pasta water just to loosen everything up.  Top the pasta with parsley leaves and a good lug of olive oil…..

I served this in the middle of the table thinking there would be left overs……..there wasn’t!  I also had enough pesto for another meal and instead of prawns I used diced speck (smokey bacon) and olives.  The pesto froze really well too!