Salmon Saltimbocca with Braised Cannellini Beans

Not sure if you noticed but this simple, delicious recipe went AWOL!  Not sure where it went but I did have a major panic attack one day recently when my website disappeared from the cyber world.  It turns out there was a hosting issue and the only damage I have noticed so far was the disappearance of this recipe.  I may never have noticed except a kind follower of my blog sent me a message via twitter.  I often have only cooked things once on the blog as I am constantly trying to come up with new recipes.  I am so glad I lost this one as I had to cook it again and it was every bit as delicious as I remembered.  Succulent salmon, wrapped in salty prosciutto and infused with sage on a bed of creamy, to die for cannellini beans studded with rocket and sweet tomatoes…….sensational!

Prep time:  15 Minutes        Cooking time:    25 Minutes             $$  Medium Budget

Serves 4

Olive oil for frying

4 x 200gm Salmon fillets

8 slices of prosciutto

8 sage leaves

For the Beans:

Olive oil for frying

2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 red onion, finely diced

1/2 tsp of dried chilli flakes

Grated rind of 1 lemon

Juice of 1 lemon

1 cup of white wine

2 cans of cannellini beans, 1 drained, 1 left in its liquid

1 punnet of baby grape or cherry tomatoes

1 bag of baby rocket

2 tbs of extra virgin olive oil

A handful of sage leaves, for garnish

Sea salt and cracked pepper

Place 2 sage leaves and lay them on the top of each salmon fillet.  Wrap the 2 slices of prosciutto over the top of the sage leaves with the ends on the underside of the salmon, for presentation.  Set aside.

Heat a large frypan and add a little olive oil.  Lightly fry the onion until soft before adding the garlic, chilli flakes and lemon rind.  Fry for a minute or so and then add the lemon juice and white wine.  Stir well and bring to a simmer, allowing the liquid to reduce by about a third.  Pour in the beans and bean liquid, season well with salt and pepper and add the tomatoes.  Stir and allow to simmer gently, reducing slightly.  Add a little water if the beans look too dry as you want them nice and creamy.

Heat a small pan and add the extra virgin olive oil.  When nice and hot, drop your sage leaves into it and fry for approximately 1-11/2 minutes or until crispy.  Drain the leaves on paper towel and reserve the infused sage oil for drizzling.

Heat another large frypan and add a small amount of oil.  Place the salmon, top down and fry on either side for 4-5 minutes for medium.  Be gentle when flipping as you don’t want the fish to break apart.

Add the rocket to the beans and stir until just wilted.  Divide the beans among four serving plates, sharing the tomatoes evenly.  Top each pile of beans with a salmon fillet and serve with lemon wedges and the crispy sage leaves.  Drizzle the sage infused oil on and around the salmon and beans and tuck in!