I used to hate stir fry, because I could never quite get it the way you could in asian restaurants.  The vegies were overdone, too much sauce etc.  I have learnt a few great stir fry tips over the years and have now perfected the art.

1. Everything must be prepared before you start cooking, including sauces, onions chopped etc.  Have it all set out like you are on a cooking show!

2.  Your Wok needs to be seriously smokin’ hot!

3. Any meat or seafood needs to be part cooked in small batches so that when it comes time to put everything together you are not left with underdone meat and overdone veg.

4.  Keep it simple.  Don’t try and pack too much into your stir fry.  Like many things in life…..less is more!

5.  Prawns, squid and fish in a stir fry are actually quite an economical way to feed a family….you don’t need too many for everyone to feel like they have lots!

This combination is simply divine.  Lots of garlic, ginger and chilli, succulent prawns, delicate oyster mushrooms and the freshness of sugar snap peas, topped off with some crunchy roasted cashews. Mmmmmmmmmmmm…….mmmmmmmmm!

You will need:

Serves 4

2 tbs peanut oil
400gms green prawns
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
2.5cm piece of ginger, finely chopped
1 long red chilli, finely chopped
1 onion
5 green onions (scallions or shallots)
200gm sugar snap peas, tops and strings removed
1 packet of oyster mushrooms
150gm roasted, unsalted cashews
1/2 a bunch of washed coriander
2 tbs sweet soy (Kecap Manis)
2 tbs oyster sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbs water

I like to chop the garlic, ginger and chilli all together so all the flavours infuse.  Place the prawns, 1 tbs peanut oil and half the garlic, ginger, chilli mix in a bowl.  Set aside and allow to marinate.  Meanwhile, cut the onion in half and slice across the grain to get nice wedges.  Wash and cut the green onions into 3cm batons, reserve some of the tips for garnish.  Slice some of the bigger oyster mushrooms in half but keep the small ones whole.  Cut the roots off the coriander and discard then finely slice the stems (make sure they are washed well as that is where all the dirt likes to hide). When you get to the leafy part chop quite roughly. I like to have all these ingredients set out on a platter so that I can cook the stir fry in order.

In a jug combine the soy, oyster sauce, sesame oil and water.

Heat the wok to a very high heat.  Add small batches of the prawns, stirring with a large wooden spoon for about 30 seconds until the prawns are just turning pink. Place them in a bowl and repeat with remaining prawns.

Once the prawns are done, add the remaining peanut oil and onion and stirfry until the onions are starting to seperate.  Add the remaining chilli, garlic and ginger and the finely chopped coriander stems.  Fry until fragrant and then add the sugar snap peas and stir fry for approx 1-2 minutes or until they are changing to a nice bright green colour.  Add the prawns, green onions and mushrooms and stir continuously for approx 1-2 minutes.  Lastly, add the coriander leaves, cashews and sauce mixture.  Toss to coat all the ingredients, remove from the heat and serve with steamed jasmine rice.  Top with the reserved green onion tips, sliced on the diagonal and a few of the cashews.  Enjoy!