Um yum.  A little Em’s Food creation inspired by sitting down with 3 men to watch a raucous Footy match.  They were a hit……not sure which bit though.  The crispy on the outside moist on the inside pork schnitzel? The crispy prosciutto?  The crunchy fennel & brussel sprout slaw with a gorgeous honey and seeded mustard dressing or the creamy lemon infused smashed avocado?  You be the judge!


Prep time:  30  Minutes            Cooking time:  20  Minutes             $  Low Budget


Serves 4


Oil for frying (rice bran, canola, vegetable)

2 tbs of plain flour

2 eggs, whisked with a tbs of water

2 cups of panko bread crumbs*

8 small pork leg schnitzels or 4 large ones, beaten with a meat mallet if needed*

8 slices of prosciutto

4 Large white wraps  (I use Helga’s, they are nice and chewy)


For the slaw:


1 baby fennel bulb, halved and as much as the core cut out that you can manage

6 brussel sprouts

1 spring onion, finely chopped

2 tbs of olive oil

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

2 tsp of seeded mustard

2 tsp of honey

Sea salt and cracked pepper


For the Avocado Smash:

1 large ripe avocado or 2 small

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

Sea salt and cracked pepper


Preheat the oven to 180°C.


Place the prosciutto on a lined baking tray and bake in the oven for approximately 10-15 minutes or until golden and crispy.  Remove from the oven and set aside.


To crumb the schnitzels, set yourself up a little production line.  Place the flour on a plate, season it with salt and pepper and flatten it out with the back of a spoon.  Whisk the eggs in a shallow bowl and place the breadcrumbs on another plate.  To save on washing up, tear off pieces of baking paper for the flour and crumbs.  Lightly coat a piece of pork in flour, shaking off any excess, dip it in the egg and then place it on the breadcrumbs, pressing down firmly to coat.  Turn it over to crumb the other side.There is a method of doing this one handed to keep one hand free of crumbs however I am yet to master it!  Repeat  with the remaining schnitzels and pop them on a plate in the fridge while you make the slaw.


If you have a mandolin or a fine slicing attachment on your food processor you will save yourself a load of time slicing the fennel and sprouts.  I used a knife and it took me approximately 7 minutes to shave the fennel and sprouts (I have a mandolin but am a bit scared of it!).  Pop them in a large bowl with the spring onion and toss to combine.   Place the olive oil, lemon juice, seeded mustard and honey in a smaller bowl and use a whisk or a fork to combine.  Pour over the fennel mixture and give another toss to coat.


Halve the avocado and scoop out the flesh into a small bowl.  Use a potato masher to roughly mash the avocado and squeeze over the lemon juice.  Season with salt & pepper and stir to combine.


Heat a large frypan and add enough oil to coat the base of the pan by about 0.5cm.  Toss a couple of crumbs in to check if the oil is hot.  the crumbs should sizzle straight away.  Fry the schnitzels on both sides until golden and cooked through, approximately 3-4 minutes.  Place on an oven tray lined with paper towel and a rack to drain. placing them on a rack will stop them going soggy on the bottom.


To assemble the wraps, place a wrap on a large piece of baking paper.  Spread a generous amount of the avocado through the centre, leaving about a 1 inch gap at the top and bottom.  Top with 2 pork schnitzels or cut 1 large one in half and layer it, 2 pieces of crispy prosciutto and pile the fennel slaw on top.  Fold the bottom and top of the wrap up and then roll from 1 side to the other so you have a nice tight bundle.  Wrap the baking paper using the same method and then cut in half with a sharp knife.  Repeat with the remaining wraps or if you can’t be bothered, let everyone make their own.  Simples!


*A great tip for bashing meat with a mallet is to place it between two pieces of cling wrap.  It stops little bits of meat getting stuck in the mallet.