Frittata’s are a much loved weekend breaky staple in our house and are a fantastic way of using up food in the fridge. Or,  if there isn’t much in the house except eggs and a bag of frozen peas then this is the result!  Simple, tasty and super easy………what more can you want?

Serves 4

1 tbs of olive oil
6 free range eggs
2 tbs of milk (or cream if you want to be naughty)
1/3 cup of grated parmesan cheese
1 small brown onion, finely diced
1 cup of frozen peas
A handful of mint leaves, finely chopped
A handful of continental parsley leaves, finely chopped
40gm of soft goat’s cheese
Sea salt and cracked black pepper

Pre heat your grill.

Heat a 20cm  oven proof frypan (or transfer to an oven proof dish once these steps are completed) and add the oil and onion.  Gently fry until soft and then add the peas.  Lightly fry for approximately 3-4 minutes or until thawed and a lovely bright green in colour.

Whisk the eggs until combined in a mixing bowl and add the milk, cheese and herbs and keep whisking until light and fluffy.

Pour the eggs evenly over the pea mixture and give the pan a little shake so that the eggs settles around the peas.   Crumble the goat’s cheese over the top and turn the heat to low.  Cook on the stove top for a further five minutes and then transfer to the grill.  Grill for approximately 5-8 minutes or until golden and bubbly on top.  Divide into four equal portions and serve.  This is seriously good with some oven roasted tomatoes………