I remember as a child someone gave me a piece of radish and I nearly gagged.  Not so now.  I have a new found appreciation for their peppery crunch and I now eat them, sprinkled with a little sea salt, like they are going out of fashion.  This combination of crunchy, almost bitter delights and the sensational sweetness of a perfect orange is a match made in heaven and is a stand out accompaniment to so many dishes.

Serves 4 as a side

1 white witlof
2 handfuls of baby rocket
1 baby fennel bulb
2-3 radishes
1 navel orange
2 tbs of extra virgin olive oil
2 tbs of red wine vinegar
Sea salt and cracked black pepper

Cut the witlof about 1/3 from the base.  Separate the leaves at the top and then very finely slice the remainder.  People tend to throw this part out but I think that is a waste.  It tastes great.

Remove the tops from the fennel and cut the bulb into quarters.  Slice the core out and then finely slice the fennel into match sticks.

Halve the radishes and finely slice.

Slice the top and bottom off the orange and then run your knife down the sides, removing the skin and bitter white pith.  Cut the orange in quarters and slice into pieces.  You can segment if you wish.

To arrange the salad, scatter the witlof leaves over a platter and top with the rocket, witlof bottoms, fennel, radish and orange.  Don’t be too precious, gay abandon always works best.  Fluff it around so you can see a bit of everything.  Season with salt and pepper.  Combine the olive oil and red wine vinegar in a small jar or bowl and drizzle over the salad.

A sensational side to any middle eastern dishes, curries, chicken and seafood!