So, we returned from a trip camping around Tasmania where we pretty much ate the state.  With my new muffin top I actually resembled Tasmania from the waist down to my toes so I was fairly keen to indulge in some healthy, clean food.  Not that the food we ate was unhealthy, there was just an abundance of it and of course an abundance of beer and wine to wash it down.  I also don’t have three largish meals a day, cheese every evening or a dozen sublime Bruny Island or Lease 65 oysters before every evening meal, but hey?  When in Tassie……


This soup ticked every box.  A clean, clear but packed full of flavour broth with buckwheat soba noodles, lean poached chicken breast, earthy shiitake mushrooms and crisp broccolini.   To give it a little flavour boost I topped it with a dollop of Donna Hay’s Chilli Jam, a smattering of spring onion, micro herbs (my new favourite thing) and a drizzle of chilli oil.  It was absolutely delicious.  Who says healthy needs to be boring?


Prep time:  20  Minutes             Cooking time:  30 Minutes               $$  Medium Budget


Serves 4


3 chicken breast fillets, trimmed of tenderloins and any fat (pop the tenderloins in the freezer for a stir fry)

1 packet of buckwheat soba noodles

1 litre of chicken stock

1 litre of water

3 tbs of white miso paste

1/3 cup of light soy sauce

1/4 cup of mirin

3cm piece of ginger, sliced with a peeler and then finely julienned

1 punnet of shiitake mushrooms, small let whole and larger sliced

1 bunch of broccolini, sliced in half lengthways and then halved crossways

2 spring onions, finely sliced

Micro herbs for garnish (these are totally optional, a few coriander leaves scattered on top are fine)

4 tbs of Chilli Jam (store bought is fine, Em’s Food recipe below)

Chilli oil for drizzling (optional)


Place the stock, water, miso paste, soy sauce, mirin and ginger in a large pot and whisk while bringing to the boil, to dissolve the miso paste.  Once boiling, reduce the heat to a simmer and place the chicken breast fillets in the broth for approximately 12 minutes or until cooked through the centre.  Place them on a plate and cover with foil to keep warm.  Add the shiitake and cook for approximately 4-5 minutes or until tender and remove with a slotted spoon.  Place them on the plate with the breast fillets.


Place the broccolini in a bowl and cover with boiling water for about 3-4 minutes, until bright green but still crunchy.


Cook the Soba noodles in the broth for approximately 4-5 minutes or until just tender.  They will continue to cook in the broth once plated.  Use a pair of tongs to remove the noodles from the broth and divide between four serving bowls.


Place the chicken on a chopping board and slice on the diagonal about 1.5cm thick.  Arrange the chicken in a fan like fashion on one side of the bowl.  Divide the shiitake mushrooms between the serving bowls, down the centre and then place the broccolini strips on the other side of the bowl.  Make sure the broth has come back to the boil before ladling over then top with spring onion, chilli jam and herbs.  Drizzle over a little chilli oil and serve.


Donna Hay’s Asian Chilli Jam