This simple starter is a particular favourite of mine and I love it when the warmer weather hits and the rockmelons are at their finest.  It relies heavily on quality produce, the sweetest melon, the finest, softest prosciutto and a sharp tangy goat’s cheese.  Let us not forget the dressing…..only the best extra virgin olive oil and balsamic will do.  This is a food marriage made in Heaven, savoured for the summer months.  Quality fare.


Prep time:  15  Minutes             $$  Medium Budget


Serves 6


1 small, ripe rockmelon*

12 slices of very thin prosciutto

240gm of goat’s cheese (I use the ash coated variety as I love the look and slightly smokey flavour)

1 cup of basil leaves (go for the nice tender baby ones from the bunch)

1 tbs of red wine vinegar

2 tbs of good quality aged balsamic vinegar

Extra virgin olive oil for drizzling

Cracked pepper

Warmed ciabatta dinner rolls to serve


Halve the melon and use a spoon to neatly scoop out the seeds.  Slice the ends off and then place middle side down and run your knife down the sides to remove the skin.  Make sure remove any green bits and then slice into 2 inch thick wedges.  You should get 6 wedges from each half.

Place 2 wedges on each serving plate and drape two prosciutto slices over the melon.  Slice the goat’s cheese into 6 even discs (approximately 40gm) and place next to the melon and prosciutto.  Scatter the basil leaves over and around the melon and then drizzle each plate with Extra virgin.  Whisk the red wine vinegar and balsamic together with a fork in a small jug and drizzle over the plate.  Sprinkle with a little cracked pepper and serve with warm dinner rolls.


*  You can tell when a rockmelon is ripe by its musky scent.  It should also be slightly softer on the end where it has been picked from the vine.  Rockmelon’s don’t ripen once picked so it is important that you really search for a ripe one.