I made this up before we went away to use up all the herbs in the fridge.  In my quest for “food utopia” I often have ingredients such as herbs left over from other meals, buried in the bottom of the crisper that I like to use rather than waste.  A herb crust is just the trick and it is so easy.  This could be adapted to any meat or fish and it wouldn’t really matter what herbs you used, as long as they are still green! Even better, grab some from your very own garden…..

Just another little tip……. don’t be put off by lamb racks!  I know lamb is expensive but I always find them on special.  They don’t weigh much and the french trimmed have literally no fat on them. Oh…..and don’t waste them on the kids…exclusively adults only!

Prep time:  15  Minutes                   Cooking time:   25  Minutes                $$  Medium Budget

Serves 2

2 x 4-6 french trimmed lamb racks (approx 250gm each)
1/2 a bunch of rosemary
1/2 a bunch of thyme
1/2 a bunch of mint
1/2 a bunch of oregano
1 tsp of dried chilli flakes
2 cloves of garlic
sea salt and cracked pepper
olive oil for basting
2 tbs of aged balsamic vinegar
extra virgin olive oil for drizzling
2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped
1 tbs butter
pinch of nutmeg

Pre heat the oven to 200°C

Remove the leaves from all the herbs and chop them  together with the garlic and chilli flakes until you have a fine bread crumb like consistency.  Lay a large piece of baking paper on the bench and sprinkle 1/2 the mixture along the middle of it and season with salt and pepper.  Rub the lamb racks with a little olive oil and lay one of them on the mixture, pressing firmly so you have a nice even coating all over the flesh side of the lamb rack.  Repeat with the remaining rack.

Place the racks on a lined tray so that they are leaning against each other and standing upright.  Bake in the oven for approximately 20-22 minutes.  Remove from the oven, cover loosely with foil and allow to rest for 5-7 minutes minutes.

Boil the sweet potato in a saucepan for approximately 15 minutes or until tender.  Mash roughly and stir in the butter and nutmeg and season with salt and pepper.

Divide the mashed sweet potato on warmed plates. Cut the lamb racks in half between the bones and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Serve with some steamed green beans and a lovely bottle of red……