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Hi there, my name is Emma and I am a Foodoholic.  I made my first 3 course meal for my parents at  age 11 and have never looked back!  I watch shows about food, I read magazines about food, I cook food, eat food, dream food.  Some would see this as being a little obsessive (eg.  my husband when I wake him up at 4am to ask whether he feels like steak for dinner) whereas I myself see it as an unbridled passion. Hence, I started a food blog.  I’ve always been a good sharer so why not share this love of mine?

On this blog you will find recipes that I have created,  some that I have adapted and some that others have cooked before.  They all have  one thing in common…..they were all cooked in my very basic home kitchen, they were all photographed by me and they have all been consumed by myself, family and friends.  I believe in diversity in the kitchen so you will  find dishes from every corner of the globe and they are all achievable to the most basic of cooks and even those on a shoestring budget.  Simply follow the instructions.

This is a blog about food, not me.  It is to be enjoyed and shared by those who need a little inspiration and anyone else who has a passion for great food, great wine and good company!

Cheers, Proost, Salute, Slainte, Mabuhay, Budmo, Cin Cin!!

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