Chilli Jam Prawn & Noodle Stir Fry


Chilli Jam Prawn & Noodle Stir Fry

You all know I preach the ‘made from scratch’ approach but sometimes I too am in a hurry.  This lightning quick meal was on the table in 20, tasted amazing and required very little cleaning up.  Perfect for busy days and not too bad on the purse string either!


Prep time:  10  Minutes               Cooking time:  10  Minutes            $  Low Budget


Serves 4


Oil for frying

400gm of green prawns

4 x rice noodle cakes (I used the Wokka brand)

2cm piece of ginger, grated

2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 red chilli, sliced (seeds removed if you like)

3 spring onions, ends removed and sliced at 2.5cm intervals

1 bunch of baby bok choy, roughly chopped and washed thoroughly

1 cup of coriander leaves

2 tbs of Thai Chilli Jam (I use Ayam brand)

1 tbs of soy

Juice of 1/2 a lime

2 tbs of dried shallots, mixed Asian herbs (I used basil, coriander and vietnamese mint) and sliced red chilli for garnish

Lime wedges to serve


Place the noodles in a large bowl and soak for 3 minutes in boiling water.  Drain and run under cold water and then set aside.


Heat a wok to nice and hot.  Place 2 tablespoons of oil in the bottom and fry the green onion, chilli, garlic and ginger for about 1 minute.  Add the prawns and stir fry until they just start to change colour and then add the bok choy and coriander leaves.  Once starting to wilt slightly, place the chilli jam, soy and lime juice in the wok.  Toss to combine and then add the drained noodles.  Use a pair of tongs to seperate the noodles and combine the prawn mixture so that everything is coated in the chilli jam.


Divide the stir fry between four bowls and scatter over a sprinkling of dried shallots.  Top with a smattering of Asian herbs, scatter over the chilli slices and serve with a wedge of lime.

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  1. Cheryl says

    Made this tonight. Yum. Lived the flavours but must say u wasn’t a fan of the noodles. Any suggestion on what I could replace them with. Thanks great recipe. I have cooked a few if ur recipes and always great

  2. Pauline says

    Delicious… as are all your recipes. I didn’t have enough prawns so I also added chicken tenderloin pieces and the combo was great. I also have an aversion to bok choy (having nearly choked on it years ago 😄), so I substituted baby spinach instead). It was yum and the whole family enjoyed it. A question Em, I often find when you stir in rice noodles to any dish, they quickly absorb any sauce and can become a bit dry. Could you add a splash of oil before serving to prevent this? What would work? Many thanks for another great recipe. You are my favourite go-to for any meal.

    • Emma says

      Thanks Pauline! I really appreciate your feedback. I find rice Noodles can be a bit sticky and dry too. Yes you could definitely add a teaspoon of oil, I use sesame for a really nice flavour. I also make sure I rinse them under cold water once cooked, it seems to stop the cooking process and the starchiness. Refresh under boiling water just before serving. I hope this helps……Cheers Em x

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